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TAHITI - France

From paradise to Beauty

Since 25 years

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The environment is everyone's business and French Polynesia is not spared by climate change. It's up to us to identify the measures to be taken and the habits to adopt now to preserve our environment. However, in order to establish an action plan that is relevant to the company, it is first necessary to measure the impact of its activity on the environment.

Respected environment

Our priority is to facilitate the integration of new entrants into each of our companies. Thus, each new employee receives a personalized welcome according to his position and his role. In order to set his objectives, missions, main tasks and evaluate his competencies, an interview with the Management is planned as soon as he enters. We seek, through small actions, to foster a sense of belonging and make new employees quickly operational.

Respected human

Man can be considered as the main cause of species extinction risk, however, he has the opportunity and the means to reverse the trend. Modernity is changing our relationship to nature, but not our dependence on it. Respect the resource, protect it, it is primarily a question of information and awareness. To best meet the challenges of biodiversity, we are committed to raising awareness among all our natural resource providers.

Respected biodiversity

Under the direction of Doctors in Pharmacy, our teams are using their passion in cosmetic design to create skincare products inspired by the riches of French Polynesia that meet the desires and needs of consumers' well-being. Original formulations and new raw materials are created in our laboratories. The creation, formulation and manufacture of cosmetic products are witnesses of our know-how.

Sustainable future

Our activities

The skills of our group range from the production of plant materials, to the design of ingredients, the formulation of cosmetics, manufacturing and consulting (technical, marketing, regulatory). An expertise of beauty and well-being under the sign of sustainable management of Polynesian biodiversity.

A sustainable future

The emergence of a trusting economy can not be conceived in a production model that, from non-renewable resources, consists in manufacturing products that will be bought, consumed and then rejected.

We must focus on the world of tomorrow, a future to imagine, invent and build. In order to contribute to a sustainable future, we are committed to stimulating innovation, sustaining responsible management and achieving sustainable growth.

Our engagement

Our brands

Discover our brands of care in the service of Beauty and Well-being. These brands are first and foremost a travel story of the founders and their approach, two pharmacists with a soul of explorer who go out to meet the men and plants of Tahiti and its islands. They rediscover ancient traditions and decide to bring them into resonance with the contemporary values of beauty and well-being. The journey is also the promise made by the products, each one works as an invitation to discover a plant, a perfume, a sensory experience. Their formulations awaken the desire for escape, exploration, the desires of paradise and a solar beauty.