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ACTIVITIES 2018-03-08T21:27:36-10:00

Le Laboratoire du Formulateur

The sessions of Cosmetic Creation

In 2008, inspired by the schools of top designers, our Tahiti unit created the innovative Laboratory Formulator’s Laboratory, which invites you to discover the world of beauty within its walls. This experience will teach you about different steps in the creation and development of cosmetics inspired by Polynesian ingredients. Formulators have more than 200 ingredients at their disposal, classified by category (use, scent, appearance and family (plant oils, plant butters, plant extracts, essential oils, perfumes, pigments, exfoliants, dyes). For about three hours, our team teaches participants about using their senses to evaluate raw materials, and creating formulas that are accessible to everyone. As in any trade, pleasure is key share our passion in a playful and appealing way.

La Route du Monoi

Founded in 2010 by the Institut du Monoï, a group of monoï manufacturers from Tahiti, our facilities on the west coast of Tahiti are a stop on the island’s most popular itinerary for indus-trial visits. By following this route, visitors can learn about the botany, preparation methods and uses of plants in the Monoï de Tahiti sector. To guide tourists when they arrive, a roadmap of the islands of Tahiti and Moorea is available at all major tourist outlets.With a showroom of international brands incor-porating our ingredients, an original formulation laboratory and a personal welcome, touring our production facilities is a must for anyone who loves monoï.

Becoming a Monoï Designer

Bar à Monoï (“Monoï Bar”) is an event focused on this highly prized Tahitian product. It’s an opportunity to find out (more) about the different collections of monoï oils as used in recipes and traditions. With the assistance of a guide, the goal is to compose your own personal monoï oil using previously macerated and perfumed ready-to-use body oils.Through this short version of a cosmetic crea-tion session, participants, crafting their own custom oils, travel the islands discovering the many benefits of plants, the fragrances of flowers, and the most exotic scents: frangipane, kahaia, pitate (jasmine) and more.