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Le Comptoir des Monoï gets a new look

//Le Comptoir des Monoï gets a new look

Our brand of care based on Monoi de Tahiti Denomination of Origin, Comptoir des Monoi, is modernizing and amplifying its Tahitian signature. In order to refound the logo of this Polynesian brand, graphic codes between tradition and modernity were used. The repetition of simple geometric patterns to create patterns associated with colors allowed us to create a singular territory in the Monoi landscape.

On the chart now appears many Polynesian patterns composed of simple geometric elements such as triangles. The resumption of these motifs, in their simplicity, and while adding color, allows to create a hyphen with very contemporary graphic codes. We have chosen a number of strong motifs from traditional tattoos to form the basis of a handwriting at the Comptoir des Monoi, a cursive, feminine font with edonic energy and a radiant solar frieze.

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