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Our Values

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Our Values 2018-03-14T09:00:52-10:00

Contribute to Sustainable Development

Each of the companies in our group integrates sustainable development into its strategy. In concrete terms, we define measurable objectives in order to build a sustainable future while respecting the environment and the human resources that sustain society. At our level, we make every effort to preserve the environment as much as economic development and social progress.

Ensure Quality

We deploy our energy and efforts to provide quality products and services. We listen to our customers, anticipate their known or potential needs. Proof of our commitment, our production unit installed on the island of Tahiti meets since 2007 the requirements of the international standard of quality management ISO 9001.

Being Eco-Responsible

Our strong desire to control the environmental impact of our activities makes it one of the objectives of the group’s strategy. Our environmental concerns are reflected in each of our decisions, which allows us to continuously improve our performance. In Tahiti, our unit has set up an environmental management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and a program of eco-responsible good practices that has allowed it to recycle 85% of its waste and for some industrial productions to reduce 98% of its waste.


We want to place innovation in all our actions, from the development of our products to the development of our usual modes of operation. Indeed, innovation is a key factor for our group, a factor of differentiation. Our R & D teams are therefore committed to creating original formulations or developing new raw materials, while at the same time, initiatives are encouraged with all our employees, because we believe that everyone has the ability to contribute to improving the company’s performance.

Promote Tahiti & her islands

Through its activities at Bar Monoi, Tahitian Secrets and its presence in Europe, the group has strong convictions related to the origin of its products and expertise of 25 years of this country Overseas. Its partnerships with many tourism operators allow it to participate or offer many “cross marketing” operations that have the common goal: the valuation of this isolated territory.