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Comptoir des Monoï

/Comptoir des Monoï
Comptoir des Monoï 2018-03-07T14:11:46-10:00
Comptoir des Monoï

Comptoir des Monoï is a creative, evolving brand that draws inspiration from original ingredients and a splendid palette of colors, scents and textures from the Polynesian wilds, inviting you to enjoy these products like any other sensory, sensual, sun-drenched experience, and the time you spend caring for yourself—always a moment of pleasure.As a bridge between the traditional and the modern, Comptoir des Monoï has the finest line of Tahitian monoï oils with the Appellation d’Origine label. It embodies the brand of all those who recognize the Tahitian woman, the vahiné, as an icon of beauty firmly anchored in her time—a beauty built on the model of diversity, pleasure, sunshine, generosity and nature.

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