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Laboratoire de Cosmétologie du Pacifique Sud

/Laboratoire de Cosmétologie du Pacifique Sud
Laboratoire de Cosmétologie du Pacifique Sud 2018-03-12T14:46:28-10:00

Laboratoire de Cosmétologie du Pacifique Sud (LCPS) was founded as a production unit to source and develop natural resources of Polynesia by producing raw materials and ingredients for the cosmetics industry.

It was established on the west coast of the island of Tahiti, away from the capital, Papeete. This allows it to be closer to farmers and plant suppliers, which facilitates upstream quality control and ensures the freshness of the plants we process.

Its modern production facility, engineered to meet customers’ requirements for the optimal production of cosmetics ingredients, is a guarantor of quality in the Pacific region.

Its equipment and manufacturing flows are fit-for-purpose and comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO 22716) and EU cosmetics regulations.

All of these activities occur within a context of continuous improvement aimed at achieving harmony with our customers and nature. Even though EU regulations do not apply in Polynesia, our operations there are in full compliance with them. The recommendations of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), which regulates perfumes and their uses, are also part of our production specifications.

Our production equipment consists primarily of stainless steel vats, stirrers, filtration units (standard and tangential flow), a pasteurizer, a mechanical oil press, transfer pumps, grinders, a filling machine, scales and expendables.

Our equipment performs well and achieves satisfactory yield for our activities. Procedures and user manuals are reviewed in order to optimize them while ensuring the safety of all.

Managerial and production teams are taught about and trained to master the company’s tools and know-how.