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Cosmetic Academy

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Cosmetic Academy 2018-03-07T14:44:28-10:00

In 2008, inspired by the schools of great creators, our unit of Tahiti innovates by creating The Laboratory of the Formulator which proposes a discovery of the Universe of beauty within its formulation laboratory.

This experience makes it possible to discover the different stages of the creation and development of cosmetic products inspired by Polynesian ingredients.

More than 200 ingredients are available to formulators by categories (care, smells, aspects) and families (vegetable oils, vegetable butters, plant extracts, essential oils, perfumes, pigments, exfoliants, dyes).

For about 3 hours, our team introduces the participants to the sensory evaluation of raw materials and the formulation accessible to all.

As in all trades, pleasure is a key value, so we strive to convey our passion in a fun and attractive way.